Before reading:  Ask the children for all the things they know of that could be unlocked with a key.
After reading: Extend this to the imaginary uses for a key.

Language that can be explored:
  • Rhyme
  • Repeated blend/initial sound use 
  • eg "snug as a bug in rug" and "tucker in er er"
I also especially love the author dedication and will discuss and develop understanding of this

Follow up Activities:
  • Make individually shaped cardboard keys
  • Describe these and what they unlock ( the sky's the limit)
  • Paint them and on one side write the key adjectives and on the other state what it might unlock.

  • You could also link this with our school Values and virtues would be to paint the keys, name them and then write the attributes we have to unlock our best and contribute fully to our class learning activities or other topical need or focus.

This book could also be linked to Tony Ryan's thinkers keys in particular:
  • The Inventions Key -  creating different keys for imaginary purposes
  • The Brainstorming Key - The problem could be: There are so many keys on the key ring I can't find the right one.
  • The Different Uses Key - List different uses for keys
  • The Variations Key - How many ways can you lock things up.
  • The Alphabet Key - Things that can locked from A-Z
  • The Disadvantages Key - What are the disadvantages of keys

Thanks to Sheryl Riceman Reignier Catholic School for the activities above.

Thanks to Tracy Scott-McCleary Waikanae Primary School for the activities above.

Funny Sayings: Dad says, "Snug as a bug in a rug," as he tucks the little girl into bed.  Do people in your family say things like that? Make a collection of funny sayings to share.
The Cat
Notice the cat in the illustrations.
What are some of the things he gets up to?
Draw and write about some of the things he does.
Favourite Words
eeny weeny       itty bitty,    curly, curvy      hunky, clunky
Make a collection of some of your favourite words from the story and see if you can use them in your talking and writing this week.

What does Dad do?
There are some clues in the illustrations about what Dad does.  What do you think his job might be, and why do you think that?
Tina Donnell Kaipara Flats School

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