Re-write the story as a play (together as a class/shared writing) and then act it out. Take turns being the different characters. Emphasise the way the different animals move - clip-clopped, clit-clattering, stomp-stamping.

Emma Armstrong Turaki Primary School

Layered landscape art using textures
Create a layered landscape focusing on one aspect at a time. 
Discuss how you would show:
- Glittering green sea
- Lush green fields
- Sun baked hills etc

Tara Darroch Turaki Primary School

Write about when you have been like Melu and have had a go at something and kept on trying until you have done it.

Write about something your family always does the same way, like Melu's family.

Melu was different and unique compared to his family.  Write about what makes you different and unique from others.

Listen to Melu read by Kyle Mewburn

Write a book review or retell the story like these Green Bay children: Melu Review 
Deanna Morgan

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