Term Two - The Kuia and the spider

Our text for term two - The Kuia and the Spider

Spider Activities
The Kuia and the Spider activities from the NZ Picture Book Collection
A reading of The Kuia and the Spider


Speech Bubbles and Thought Clouds for Comprehension

What is the character thinking here?  What might the character be saying here?

Pause on the page and put a thought or a speech bubble above the character in the picture, point to the bubble and say what the character might be thinking or saying.

Teaching Tip Model stopping and jotting, bearing in mind the attention span of the children.
You can create speech bubbles and thought clouds and fix them to popsticks and teach the children to use these tools independently and with partnerships.
Children who are ready to stop and jot a phrase or a sentence can use sticky notes with bubbles to fix to the page to show what the character might be thinking or saying.

(This idea is from The Reading Strategies Book: Your Everything Guide to Developing Skilled Readers Serravallo 2015)
Stories that may extend ideas:
Compare and contrast different points of view - Whose weaving is best? Leave a comment...

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