Sunday, July 23, 2017

#NZreadaloud 9 Term 3- weeks 5-6 is 'Pepetuna,' by Denise Whitmore

Kia ora!

Our book for Term 3 has been selected and it's gorgeous! Lots of themes, ideas, and language to explore.

Description: From the time a tiny puriri moth's egg falls onto the forest floor, this book follows the life cycle of that moth - Pepetuna. For five years Pepetuna hides in the puriri tree, eating and sleeping until the time is right. Then one warm spring evening, he pushes a hole through the door of his home. He crawls out with his strong new legs and breathes the fresh air. Then he stretches out his beautiful new wings, ready to fly up into the moonlight . . . for just one night. Through the clever use of illustrations showing the first five years of a young child's life, the reader can experience the concept of time and how long it takes for Pepetuna to grow and be ready for that single night.

Belinda and Ximena will be your points of contact this term.  We will run from weeks 5-6 this term.

Please add your name to the form below if you'd like to participate. We ask you to commit to posting 4 - 6 times (minimum) over the two weeks. This could be a few photos of activities and we'd like to encourage students' voices as much as possible. Please also make time for students to comment on each other's posts. One nice way to do this is to pack up a bit earlier and comment on the blog for 10 minutes just before home time or use a post as a shared writing prompt.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Remuera Primary School - Matariki Feast

Making Pikelets for the Feast
Welcoming Room 26.

Explaining the reason for the feats.

Reading 'Daniel's Matariki Feast' to Room 26.

Explaining what Matariki is about.

Room 26 enjoying our pikelets.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Kia ora from Room 7, Paparoa Range School

Room 7 really enjoyed reading Daniel's Matariki Feast and the discussions we had around how we celebrate special occasions with family and friends.

We were lucky enough to have our own Matariki feast at Blackball site and spent the afternoon making stars and poi while we waited for the food to cook.

The food filled baskets being placed in the kai cooker.

The cooked food ready for serving.

Friday, June 30, 2017

St Patrick's School Napier

Kia Ora! We are a year 2 class at St Patrick's School in Napier. We really enjoyed reading Daniel's Matariki Feast. We talked about the fruits and vegetables that we grow at our house and were amazed by how many veges we can grow at home. We also read Matariki Breakfast and talked about getting up early in the morning to see the stars. At our school, we have been put into groups across all year levels (New Entrant to Year 8) and have spent each afternoon this week with a different teacher doing some Matariki Art or learning some cool songs and dances. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kaipara Flats Tui - Matariki Stars

Last week we made stars for Matariki.
We love to sing the Matariki Macarena.  It goes like this:
Waitī, Waitā,
Tupu-ā-nuku, Tupu-ā-rangi
Ururāngi, Matariki,
Whetu o Matariki
Here is a photo of our stars.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Remuera Primary School - Room 11's Matariki Feast

After reading 'Daniel's Matariki Feast!' We decided we wanted to have a feast too to celebrate Matariki so we invited Room 25 in our school to celebrate with us. The feast will be held on Thursday Week 10.
We have:
- Created invitations for our guests.
- Created a menu for the feast.
We are, at the moment:
- Writing recipes for the food and instructions for a game to play during the Matariki Feast!

Room 11 - Remuera Primary School

Writing Instructions for a game.

Sample of our invitations.

Sample of a menu.

Writing a Pikelets Recipe