Tuesday, February 27, 2018

'Chicken Licken' - Comparing Endings

Our class is B4 - we are a Year 2/3 class. 
You can visit our class blog.

We read Gavin Bishop's version of 'Chicken Licken' 
and compared it to another version we have in our class.

The endings were quite different. One is sadder than the other!

We voted on which ending we each preferred.

Let us know which ending you prefer!


  1. So, did most people like the Gavin Bishop one? I find it a bit dark and dangerous myself, but I still think I would choose it.
    Welcome to the read aloud! Lovely to have you amongst us.

    1. Dear Belinda
      Thank you for responding to us! Most people did vote for the Gavin Bishop one.
      Natalyah voted for it because it is much cooler than the other ending.
      Amy said it had a more dangerous ending too!
      Bailey voted for it because they got eaten!

      from B4

  2. Hi B4, we liked the ending where they all got to run away home because, they didn't get their heads bitten off and fall to the ground! We think that Chicken Licken would be sad and have no friends if all of her friends had no heads. From Waitawheta Class, Waikino School.