Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Hello from Room 3, Reignier Catholic School

We are a Year 2 class with 2 teachers and 41 students. 
We recently celebrated Art Deco with a dress up and picnic day.

We love "I am not a worm" and we are hoping to present it at assembly this week with some beautiful butterfly artwork.


  1. We love your dress up clothes. We like your idea to perform "I am not a worm" at assembly. Maybe we will do that too. From Year 2 Tui at Kaipara Flats School

  2. We loved this story too. We loved the you tube clip ....especially the author voice.

  3. Hi Room 3! It is great to have you along to read with us! The students in GC53 love this story too! We have made butterfly footprints and displayed them on one of the windows in our classroom! They look great - but it was messy work!