Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Hello from St Patrick's School Napier

Hello from St Patrick's School Napier,

We are the Year 1 children and we have been reading, I AM NOT A WORM!

We have been busy with lots of I AM NOT A WORM activities. These are just some of the things we have been doing.

A4's butterflies!

Butterfly construction.

We made caterpillars.

They said, 'I AM NOT A WORM!'

Our characters from the story.

Watching the author reading the story.

We have been learning interesting facts about chameleons. We are going to share some with you.

They change colour when they are scared or excited.
When you squeeze them the change colours.
Under their skin they have a layer of crystals that help them change colour.
They are not usually green.

We watched a cool YouTube clip too. 


  1. Hi St Patrick's
    Thank you for telling us some great facts about Chameleons. We did not know about the crystals under their skin.
    We really like your ideas too.

  2. What a busy lot of butterflies you have been in your classroom! I loved looking at all of your creations! I especially loved seeing your caterpillars made from egg cartons - I think my class would have loved to have made those! I wonder what creative ideas you can come up with for our new book next week! :)