Thursday, March 09, 2017

Hello from a different group!

Hi, I'm Mrs Whyte. I am a Literacy teacher for a few different schools in the Horowhenua region, near Wellington. 

I have four fantastic students who are joining everyone the journey as we explore "On a Summery Saturday Morning". 

We started this week by creating thinglinks about what thoughts we had while we read the story.

 Here are the links to them:  

Please have a look and hover over the tags to read our thoughts. 

Maybe you think the same as us!

Please let me know if you can't see the pictures so I can fix it! :-)


  1. Wow I love your thinglinks! Thank you so much for sharing those with us. It is great to see what you've been discussing and even predicting, great stuff. I hope some of the other classes will give thinglinks a go and share them with us all.
    Thanks again!
    Miss Dawson

  2. Oh my goodness! This is exactly what we did with the book, except we just talked and listened to each other's ideas. It's cool to hover over and read your comments. I can't wait to show my class. I think they will be excited to find that you noticed some of the same things as them as well as some different things. I was planning to work with some small groups tomorrow to write post-it notes about what we noticed in each picture. We might still do that and compare our thoughts with yours.

    1. Awesome! It will be interesting to see any similarities.