Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lucian's writing today about his summery Saturday morning

On a summery Saturday morning…
I walk through the gate to the park. Me and my sister play. We play hide and go dog. The dog hides and we find him…
on a summery Saturday morning.  


  1. I like the sound of your game, Lucien. My son also likes to play hide and seek with his dog, Buddy but he hides from the dog rather than the dog going to hide. It makes me laugh to see Buddy looking confused, trying to find him.

  2. I really like the invention of the name 'hide and go dog' Well done, Lucian. It's great to read about what you do on your Summery Saturday Morning. Maybe Matai Hub could write about what they do as well. From Amy B

  3. From Matai Hub,
    We liked the 'hide and go dog' game and we liked how you borrowed from the book but added your own ideas too. We also liked how you described about where you go.