Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What was your first day of school like? - Answer in this flipgrid

Flipgrid - What was your first day of school like?

We are getting our introductions ready for you here in Levin, but wanted to share this with everyone as soon as possible! 

Go onto the flipgrid (press the link at the top of this post) and record a short video of what your first day of school was like. Watch some of the other videos of other kids and see if they had the same kind of experience! 

Looking forward to sharing more with you again soon! 

Belinda Whyte - Resource Teacher of Literacy in Horowhenua


  1. Hi Belinda, Mia Jane, Silivia, Jordan, Kestle, and Cindy!
    We have posted some of our stories on Flipgrid. Thank you for sharing this app and telling us about your first day at school.
    We listened to your stories and remembered our first day at school. It helped us to understand how Daniel was feeling. We hope you have time to listen to our stories too.
    Ka kite!
    Tui, Kaipara Flats School

  2. Thanks Tui! I was so excited to see your videos come in yesterday and look forward to showing them to my students next week.

  3. Hi from Matai Hub
    We really liked your flipgrid videos and enjoyed hearing about your first day at school. We added some of our stories to the flipgrid. We would like to hear more about your first day at school.