Friday, September 01, 2017

Our Art Creation


In Room 3 at Waituna West this week we have been making a Puriri Tree.  

First we made the bark for the tree.

Second step was to join Room 2 at our school to make lots and lots and lots of leaves and some Puriri pink flower. 

Can you see our leaves drying on the steps.  Aren't they such a sparkly bright green. 

Our teacher stapled the leaves and flowers to the tree.  We have over 120 leaves on this tree.

Our tree looks amazing - doesn't it?  Can you spot the creatures from the story Pepetuna on and around our tree?

Look below to see some of the creatures from the story.


  1. Your tree looks amazing.
    "That must have taken a lot of days" said Aurora.
    "Good work" said Monique.
    "It's fantastic how you added the creatures" said Yozarna.
    "Good job" said Evo.
    "My favourite part is the puriri moth crawling out with his new strong legs" said Mrs Bingham.
    Room 7 KWS

  2. From Matai Hub:
    - The tree looks awesome. The details like the little door of pepetuna's hole is great. We want to make one. Jorja and Charlie.
    - We like your animals. From Teddy.
    - I really like the tree because it has 120 leaves on it. Zach.
    - I like the animals and how the pepetuna's door looks like a hidden camera.

  3. This looks so wonderful! What an excellent activity. You might have to watch out, a little caterpillar might crawl in there thinking it is a real tree!