Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pohutukawa 8

We are a Year 2 class from Tamahere Model Country School. One of our favourite things to do at school is READ!  This is going to be a great challenge learning to blog.  We are looking forward to making some new friends.


  1. Welcome Tamahere Model Country School! It is so wonderful to meet you and have you join us for the #NZreadaloud5. My big kids, who are Year 8 at St Patrick's school in Napier are doing the #NZreadaloud too but we have a different book called 'Phantom of Terawhiti' It is about a mysterious animal that has escaped from a shipwreck. It's getting pretty exciting!
    I'm really looking forward to hearing all about the fantastic learning that you will be doing over the next couple of weeks as you read 'The Kuia and the Spider'
    Have fun!
    Miss Dawson

  2. Yay! Lovely to see you guys. I'll be showing this to Tui this afternoon. They will be so excited.