Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday at Remuera Primary School Room 11

Reports on Kakapo

Performing 'A Booming in the Night'

Finding company for Kakapo


  1. We like your act... Nate
    ...and we think we might try it. Keanu
    Can you please tell us which character you are? Brooke M
    We think that the girl that was covering her ears was the frog because the frog had no ears. Isabella
    The pukeko was talking to the frog but the frog doesn't have ears and the pukeko was going to tell all the other animals that kakapo is lonely. Terrell
    We like your play and I wondered, "Is the girl the tree, or is the boy?" Cameron
    Brooke and I think loads of people would like try to do a play as well. Holly
    Perhaps you could make a video and post it on the blog. Sam

  2. We liked your play. We want to do a play too. We are wondering how you did the boom. From K6 Kids