Friday, August 26, 2016

Room 1 Riverslea are enjoying Booming in the Night.
I read the beginning of the story and then left it for a day so that the students could reflect on what they think could happen next or how the story could end.
We had some interesting predictions

AJ- The Kakapo would make friends with a woodpecker
Arnold-Maybe he will fly up to a tree
Christopher-He's going to fly to another place and make the booming sound
Parekawa- He makes the booming sound as he has something stuck in his throat.

It was interesting discussing what a booming sound might be and looking on Google at information about all the different animals and birds in the story.


  1. Hi Room 1, I wonder how you are going with finding out about the animals in the story. Did you find out why Kakapo was booming in his booming bowl? Did you notice the sneaky kakapa that was following pukeko?

  2. Vesa says "I like your predictions Room 1"

  3. Bronte says "I am happy you enjoyed the book".
    Tessa says "I like what you think about the kakapo"
    Tui says "I like your ideas".