Monday, August 22, 2016

Hello from Room 5 year 1 & 2 at Renwick School in Marlborough

We are really looking forward to taking part in this terms NZ read aloud- A Booming in the Night. We can't wait to hear what everyone is doing and also share our work.
Today we read the book but first we had to make some predictions about what we thought the story might be about. 
Some of our thoughts were
- I think that the Kakapo might be having a party.
- I think that the 'Booming in the night' might be fireworks or thunder.
- I think that the Kakapo might go for a walk to find some friends.
As we read we were able to change our predictions.

We really enjoyed the story and are looking forward to reading it again.


  1. Hey there room 5!

    I am so happy to see you again!! I think your teacher is super special. You are so lucky to have her :)
    I have loved reading your predictions about 'A Booming in the Night'
    I wonder what kind of character Kakapo is. Is he shy? Is he cheeky? Is he adventurous? I look forward to finding at more about what Kakapo gets up to.
    Have fun reading Room 5

    Miss Dawson

  2. We liked the colourful background in your pictures. We might do that with our art too! K6 Kids.