Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hi from Room 19 at Summerland Primary

Hi we are a year 2 class at Summerland Primary in Henderson Auckland.
These are some of the children in our class. We have 24 children in our class.
We love to read, do art, play sports, write and just love coming to school.
We are really excited to see the work that the other schools share.

Yesterday we made some prediction about what the booming in the night could be:
- The bird making the sound
-Fireworks frighten the birds
- There might be a bomb
Aliens might come to scare everyone
- An asteroid might make the booming sound


  1. Hello Room 19 at Summerland Primary. We really liked your predictions.

  2. Hey there Room 19!
    Welcome to #NZreadaloud6 jnr group. I am really excited to meet you on our blog and read your predictions about 'A Booming in the Night'.
    Thank you for taking part in this fun literacy venture and I look forward to finding out about all the things you'll be learning over the next couple of weeks... let me know what you find out!
    Have fun

    Miss Dawson

  3. Hi Room 19, we think your first guess was right. The kakapo was making the booming sound. We think your other ideas were funny. Tui, Kaipara Flats School

  4. Hi Room 19!
    Your predictions are very exciting!
    Room 11 - Remuera Primary School