Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Making Reading Salad

Here is some of the work we have done on A Booming in the Night.  We worked in small groups and Ms Donnell wrote our ideas down as we talked.
Thinking about the Cover
Jackson: There's weed and grass and a yellow kiwi with a black beak in a circle.
And I know it's a New Zealand book because of the NZ sticker with the silver fern.
I think that all birds have brown claws (like the one in the picture.)
Keanu: The cover spreads over the whole book.  The tail of the kakapo is on the back cover.  It's in half at the spine.
Marshall: I know why it's blueish.  It's night time.  It's bluey black.
Marshall and Keanu: The ferns are there because it's a forest.
Marshall: I can see a river with ferns over it and the river goes behind the kakapo even though you can't see it.
Jackson: The river is not blue.  It's like greeny slime.
Thinking about the Title Page
Cameron: There's a 'sticker' for the publisher here too.
It says: written by Ben Brown and illustrated by Helen Taylor here and on the cover.
I notice there are reeds and leaves on the ground.
Claudia: I notice that a bird had tumbled onto the ground.
Isabella: The big bird had made the other bird fall down.
Claudia: The kakapo's legs are up in the air.
Isabella: The picture on the title page is the same as the picture on the last page of the story.  Maybe it was a favourite page in the book.
We will do some more thinking and sharing on Wednesday.
Ka kite!
Tui class at Kaipara Flats


  1. Hey there Tui class

    You have made some fantastic observations! I love that you know that a book has a spine and I love that you are talking about the colours of things in the images. For example; Marshall, you knew it was night as the colours were "bluey black" and Jackson, the river was a "greeny slim" colour. That helps me to picture it in my mind very well. Great work Tui class.

    Miss Dawson

  2. Thanks for your comments Kaehlah. I am excited about this work because the children are teaching me. They are so much more observant than I am and interested in things that I take for granted, like the logo for Reed, for example.

  3. Hi Tui Class,
    We love your reading Salad that you have done and the observations you have made about the cover and title pages.
    From Room 19 Summerland Primary

    1. Thank you for your reply. We are still doing lots of thinking about the book. This week we are writing opinion pieces about our favourite bird from the story. Lots of our class like Tieke, the saddleback. They like his red wattle and bold black and orange feathers. They also like that his job is to guard the forest. They think that would be an important job. Do you?