Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kia ora from K6 Kids!

Kia ora, koutou! We are K6 Kids from Island Bay School in Wellington. We are a year two class and we love reading.

We really enjoyed our first reading of Booming in the Night. We also made some predictions before we read the story, and we thought it could have been an explosion, someone cutting the forest down or fireworks like Room 19 thought as well.

We read the story and thought about the different characters that came up. We used a chart to sum up our ideas as we read the story. We liked the new Wow Words we found like 'preening.'

Next we drew our favourite part of the story.

We have some questions we'd like to find out more about:
1. Why was the Kākapo booming?
2. Why is Kākapo sitting in a bowl? What's the bowl made out of and is it like the bowls we have at home?
3. Why is there a Kākapo hiding in the pictures?
4. Where was the other Kākapo?


  1. You asked some interesting questions K6 Kids. You might find some answers here: http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/video/10577/male-kakapo-booming

  2. Hey there K6, it's so exciting to see the learning you have been doing with #NZreadaloud, thank you for sharing this with us!
    I wonder, if you ask Sirrocco Kakapo on twitter some of your questions, he could maybe help you with the answers?
    Miss Dawson

  3. Oscar says 1: Kakapo boom to attrack a female to mate with.
    Bronte says 2: The bowl in not like to ones we have at home. Kakapo create the bowl.
    Tui says 3: It is the female kakapo who is lonely and wants to find a male kakapo.
    James says 4: He was in the NZ bush.