Saturday, September 03, 2016

Week 2 of A Booming in the Night from K6 Kids

This week we have started to try to answer some of our questions from our first reading and we've learned lots more exciting things! Thank you for all the great suggestions. We really enjoyed this video that has a kākāpo booming in its bowl. You can see its air sacs moving. We thought it sounded like:
- A horn.
- A tube when you blow on it.
- A drum.

What do you think?
We've collected our learning about kākāpo as a class and by ourselves. We are looking forward to learning more about kākāpo and writing about them like Room 11 did. We also want to try doing role plays and do some detailed art of kākāpo and their feathers.

One great discovery we made is another book by Ben Brown in our school library that looks like it has connections to 'A Booming in the Night.' We are going to read it and see if we learn more facts, Wow Words (exciting words about our topic) and what connections we can make between the two books.


  1. Awesome K6 Kids! I love your wonderings and that you're sharing your learning with us all, well done! I look forward to hearing about the connections you make as you look into 'Fifty-five Feathers'. Kakapo have such beautiful feathers, as do our other native birds. I wonder how special their feathers are?

  2. Hi K6. We enjoyed reading your post today. We clicked on the link and watched and listened to the kakapo in his booming bowl again. We are going to look for Fifty Five Feathers in our library too.
    We have another kakapo story you might like to find. It is from Junior Journal 2 and it is called The Competition. It is a Maori folk tale, retold by Margaret Mooney.
    Today we did pencil sketches of different birds in the story.
    Thank you for sharing your work.
    Tui, Kaipara Flats School

  3. Just checking to see if comments are now emailed to all participants. I changed the settings this evening. I thought it would be useful to know when someone has commented on a post.

  4. Yes! That worked. This means that you will get notification of comments left so you will be able to share any comments related to your posts with your class. Hope you find that useful.

  5. Gemma says: Hi K6 Kids, we are Room 11 and we are happy you liked our idea of leatrning about kakapo.
    James says: Have you already done any painting about kakapo?
    Tui says: Have you done your play? Did you enjoy it?
    Bronte says: Do you like kakapo now that you know more about it?
    Abigail says; I am happy you enjoyed doing activities about kakapo.