Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Hi from Room 1 Riverslea Hastings
We have enjoyed talking about and rereading A Booming in the Night.
We have started pictures of Kakapo and the other creatures . Some of us got carried away with all the beautiful colours in the book. We will put some up on our next blog post.
We also started a class poem. Its been hard trying to think of words that rhyme to tell the story.
Shaolyn thought of clue to rhyme with do (Frog didn't have a clue) which Mrs B thought was brilliant.
We thought of different endings to the story by ourselves.

"Pukeko could have told Kakapo to be quiet or not have been nice to him." (Shaolyn)

"He could tell him to stop the booming cause I'm trying to sleep "(Parekawa)

"He might bring him a toy to play with and keep him quiet," (Karlee)

"Pukeko might get Kakapo to babysit to keep him busy." ( Te Korowhiti) ( Been at school 2 days)

"Pukeko might give him a drink and some kai to keep him quiet." ( Taurus)

" He could stay with him at his nest to keep him safe and be his friend." ( Giarni)

"He could find him a different place to sleep." ( Henry)

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