Wednesday, September 14, 2016


As you can see Room 1 Riverslea love all books as well as A Booming in the Night.

You can just see me peeking out between the books
We wrote a poem together and got it to rhyme. Shaolyn was great at it and when we were stuck with a word to rhyme with do she came up with clue
Here is our A Booming in the Night poem.
The Kakapo was booming loud in the night,
He gave the Pukeko a great big fright.
Pukeko asked the wise old tree what he should do,
Then he walked along and saw frog who didn't have a clue.
Pukeko went to look to see why Kakapo was booming.
He went carefully through the forest. He certainly wasn't zooming.
Kotuku was preening feathers and Tieke guarding the trees.
Seal was lying in the sun, swatting flies and fleas.
Kiore said it wasn't his fault. He didn't do anything wrong.
Ruru just wanted to sleep and not to sing a song.
Pukeko found kakapo a booming in his place.
But instead of being sad he now had a smile upon his face.
He had been booming because he was lonely and needed company,
But he had it now and was happy as Pukeko could see.
So Pukeko went back home and had a sleep, even though it was light.
And that's the story of Kakapo a booming in the night.
By Room 1 Riverslea

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